Welcome to Industrial AI Optimization Lab
in the department of industrial engineering at Ajou University.
As in the name for our lab, we are interested in Decision Science dealing with how to manage and operate systems efficiently by using optimization techniques such as linear programming, integer programming, and some meta-heuristics providing near-optimal solution. You can find the details of what we are doing in the following.

Since we are living in information age, various kinds of systems are surrounding us. Therefore, it is necessary to make a good decision for using them efficiently and generate new value, especially in industrial area with limited resources. For this purpose, we need to consider lots of information available, which can be collected during the system operation. For example, we can extract process-related information and discover a process model by observing event data in order to diagnose the system. Or we can develop scheduling policies in order to maximize system throughput. Furthermore, the results of system operation can be analyzed by using some data analytic methods. In some cases, we might need to model and simulate the system in order to evaluate suggested operating methods. Eventually, we want to develop efficient algorithms and methodologies for improving the performance of the system.

Currently we are working on these issues, while performing several relevant projects. If you are interested in these topics and ready to join our lab, you can apply for the graduate program for your master or Ph.D. degree, or for an internship program in case of an undergraduate student. We are always waiting for brilliant and competent students with strong enthusiasm for problem solving and research. We are ready to be a family with you.